Ultra Compact Surface Dekton


Dekton has all the features required by a modern client in its composition. Highly resistant ultra-compact surfaces of Dekton has several fans in the advanced countries and it is a preferred option for using in interior and exterior architectures such as fireplace, walls, floor, façade, kitchens and bathrooms. Dekton is a composition of 20 minerals including glass, porcelain and quartzite and it is produced in a complex process under a pressure of 25,000 tons and a temperature of 1,200 °C. Cosentino Company in Spain performs the same operation which takes thousands of years for stone production only within a few days and by using an advanced technology.
Resistance to scratches caused by sharp objects
Stain resistance, no tendency in chemical reaction
Various designs and colors
Antibacterial and hygienic
Heat resistance
UV radiation resistance


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